Must play picks by Free PSN Codes team

January 30, 2020 By admin

Console gamer picks

There are only a few must-plays for consoles. We are going to suggest you a few picks made by our team if you are not sure what to play or buy with our free PSN Codes.
If you are into cars, a fun game to play is Forza Horizon 4. With beautiful graphic, realistic driving, racing it will be a thrilling experience
There are over 450 cars in the game for you to pick what you like. Upgrade your car’s engine and tune your car with the money you earn from racing. There is the season changing aspect of the game, so it’s more interesting. Every season new events and routes get unlocked, also impacting driving conditions. Master your driving skills in dry, snowy, muddy, and icy conditions.
The Open-World Freedom allows you to do whatever you want.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

If you are a fan of Dark of Souls, then you will love this game, stealth is the main focus and combat with a lot of boss battles and overall battles with enemies.
You play from the third-person view and its single-player game. If you get in range undetected, you can eliminate some enemies immediately, and if your character dies you have the option to spawn with
resurrection power that is restored by killing enemies, instead of respawning at the checkpoints.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

This is the first COD title without a single-player campaign mode. But it has Solo Missions mode, and that is focused on backstories of the “Specialists“. In the game, there is the zombie mode with three Zombie maps if you buy
a special edition of the game. Also, for fans of battle royale games, this game has a battle royale mode called Blackout. And it features 100 players in each match. You can select any from many characters in Black Ops titles that can be used as
your character model in the game.

Football PES 2020

Football PES 2020 is like real football. The dynamics of the game are really good programmed that it feels like real football.
For all the fans of soccer that cant buy this game by yourself, we are here to help you with our psn codes generator. If you don’t know how to use it, then we have a solution on our first page for that.
The football is great, sometimes it isn’t fair, but it is fun, and it makes your day better even for 90 minutes daily helps you mentally.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Another COD game, but what to say, we are COD fans. This game takes first place when its word about realistic and modern gaming systems.
Its first-person shooter with so many actions. This game has a Special Ops mode that provides you cooperative missions to play with your friends. So you can tell them about us
and buy this game together to play cooperative missions. And you can do that with a few variants of Playstation codes list 2020 free.