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What are PSN Codes?

PSN or so-called Playstation Network Code is a name given to the vouchers that you use to obtain money for the Playstation network.
There is no need to obtain games by using real cash because we provide you with gift cards charge-free.
After you’ve obtained a bunch of keys from our sites, there is no need for paid methods of acquiring games.
The most popular gaming consoles are Sony’s PlayStation. Just like any other gaming platform like steam or Xbox, PlayStation also offers purchasable services online to earn more money.
These services include games and other content.
The PlayStation store usually includes only games, but it can also include expansion packs as well.
PlayStation users can make purchases using any type of payment method such as credit cards, vouchers, or else.
There are a bunch of ways for making online transactions, but the best way to obtain vouchers is by using the PlayStation gift cards. Unfortunately, the PSN gift cards are expensive but don’t worry, we have a solution for you with our website you get Free PSN Codes that are proven to work!

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These gift cards hold a value of either $10, $20, or $50, and they are used to add balance to your PlayStation Wallet so you can purchase games or expansions packs.

A lot of people don’t have access to a credit card. That’s why Sony developed the gift card system. You must know how to get a free PlayStation code in order to save your money.

Why would you waste your precious money? Sony makes millions of dollars on these transactions, then why can’t we gift free PSN codes?

I know you are sick and tired of not having the opportunity to buy games if you are under 18. That’s why we made available for every passionate gamer.

This is a unique method on how to get psn codes for free. By trying other methods, you risk getting your account punished. One of many reasons to use our tool is the anti-ban mode. Our vouchers are fresh and unused, no risk of getting banned on the Playstation network at all!


NO VIRUS! is the only available tooll that has no malwares. We have tested our system by various antivirus systems and it showed clean results.


There are no hidden charges. Our free psn codes tool is made by the PSN community for the sake of enjoyement. It's absolutely charge-free and no credit card or account details are needed.

Why do we need free PSN Codes?

Many console players are trying to find a legit method for finding at least one free PSN code.
You’ve finally found a solution! Now you can buy any game that is available on the Playstation Store and buy it without worrying about your budget.
Why do we need free PlayStation codes is a simple question. The main reason why we need vouchers is to save money. The money intended for buying gift cards can be saved and used elsewhere. We have a lot of unused Playstation codes that we are willing to gift for free!
No more headaches caused by over-spending.
A lot of websites promise free PSN cards, but only a limited number of these generators can provide you with real codes.
This made everything easier, didn’t it?
At the end of the day, maybe you don’t own a credit card, this is also the main reason for creating this tool.

Why the generator has a human verification?

We offer our community a bunch of unused free PSN Codes. In order to prevent the abusing of the machine, we have set up a simple human verification.

What is human verification?

Human verification is a quick check that prevents bots from using our tool.

After you finish the checking, you will instantly receive a free PlayStation code. The steps needed to unlock the full code are usually quite simple. You may need to fill a short survey about certain products etc.

The info you input is 100% anonymous and is used purely for verification purposes.

Thanks for being a trusted community member.

Methods to receive free Codes

Methods to get PSN Codes?
There are so many methods for getting PSN gift cards, but many of them are scams.
I will list a few methods(usually fake) to acquire Playstation codes for free.

1. Buy them

Many people, especially our parents, are paranoic about buying stuff online.
The insecurity is usually caused by the sites that promise gift cards but don’t fulfill their promise.
After all, you still have to pay for your vouchers in order to play your favorite games.

2. Giveaways

This type of method is more attractive than the first one.
To receive codes by this method, you need to be really lucky. In order to participate in a giveaway, you will have to follow different steps. These steps include things such as: subscribing to a youtube channel, following their social media profile, etc. These time-wasting things are mostly fake.

3. Sites promising free PSN codes

The majority of these sites are just promising, they only seek your attention. You should investigate all the possible outcomes before using this method. We do not recommend trying fake generators. Not every page is fake. Only a certain amount can actually deliver cards. Faulty generators will only waste your time, and no vouchers will be given out.

4. Playstation codes generator

It works on the principle of a simple giveaway. Our tool scrapes numbers and generates code combinations.
This generator works solely on the principle of giving. We do not support profiting by using our free tool.
If you are a compulsive spender, then you are probably buying games as well. That’s why we developed an online tool that can be used by anyone. The reason for making this available and not kept for ourselves is to provide the gaming community with precious vouchers. We will strive to provide valuable gifts every patch that we implement in the generating process.
Please take this as a gift from us. We promise that your data will not be used anywhere else besides generating free PSN codes.


Most frequent questions and answers

Okay, let’s explain how you can use our Free PSN codes

  1. The FIRST STEP would be to open the  Sony Network Entertainment account on the Playstation network, or you can use your own Sony Entertainment Network account.

How to open SNE (Sony Network Entertainment) account?

It’s simple; you need to create an account with your info; it’s FREE and SIMPLE.

  1. The second step is effortless as well; you need to select the PlayStation®Store icon on the PS4™
  2. In this step, we are GETTING CLOSER to a PSN voucher free Go to the PlayStation®Store, andnow select Redeem Codes at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Now, type in the free PSN code that you’ve received
  4. Make sure you have entered your code correctly, and press CONTINUE
  5. After entering your code, confirm to accept to Trial code Terms of Service
  6. After your balance gets updated  you need to select Continue to get your code activated

If you want to use free PSN codes on PC (WEB BROWSER), keep reading!

  1. After you have taken a code on this generator, go to the official page of the PSN
  2. Create your account
  3. Select Redeem Prepaid Card
  4. Enter the received code from our site and press CONTINUE 


Like any other site that sells PSN codes, our goal is not to make money. There should be no fear of paying since we do not require your credit card info or any other sensitive information.

Anyone who has used our site had been satisfied. The insecurity that is caused by fake sites is widely spread. Finally, we developed a simple tool that can create combinations of numbers that deliver codes instantly.

Currently, We had not set a limit for generating codes. However, when more people get to know about our machine, we will set user limits.
Because the stash of our codes are big but no infinite. The daily amount of free psn codes we can get for you is limited. That’s why we need to set a daily quota for generated cards. We will adjust our tool cap accordingly. If the servers get abused, we will have to start working on a better security system very soon. is a worldwide recognized site verified by many popular gamers. The proof of work is in itself. You can always test the functionality of our machine and decide on your own. We do not support abusing the system because we also want to contribute the Playstation network to grow. Community growth is important for online gaming. If people stopped using PS due to a lack of resources to buy games, then we could not make the community grow.

Generator updates

After the first phase of testing the new tool update, we’ve finally released the update to the public. The reason behind the new refreshing interface, back-end fixes, and other small bug fixes is to maintain the functionality of the PSN codes free in 2020. We are obligated to maintain our servers and keep them up to date with the new game releases. There were no problems until Playstation rolls out a lot of new updates regarding their server connectivity. After the update is out, we have to upgrade our machines that host the generator. You probably may have noticed the site being slow in the last few weeks, that is due to the traffic we are receiving after the tool got viral. We are thinking about setting up new limits in the generator, such as limiting the max gift card value per user. In the far future, we considered shutting down the servers due to user exploitation of the generator tool. If you notice more critical bugs, please contact us via the form provided on the homepage.
Today, especially in the pay-to-win game modes, it is crucial to find a legit tool to create numbers to obtain free cash on the Playstation network. The competition in this kind of niche is enormous. How much is it essential to generate a bunch of combinations states the fact that we try out billion of combinations daily. We do this to out-run the competition because we have the newest machine needed to connect the sequence of essential PSN numbers.